Tuesday, November 17

Pale Palin

I watched the Big O's interview with Palin (I thought of you Spidey).
That woman (Palin, not O) is a blamer. Nothing was ever her fault---it was McCain's, it was Obama's people, it was the handlers, it was the media, it was Katie Couric's.

For a Rogue Maverick, she sure whined a lot.

Example of her passive-aggressiveism:
She sarcastically referred to Levi Johnston as "Ricky Hollywood" and his "path to porn" and yet she said he was welcomed to Thanksgiving and she'd pray for him.


Spidey said...

she is a hypocritical beotch and if i were levi i would tell her to stick her prayer up her ass. Going Rogue? who the fuck is she kidding? i would love to have a conversation with her and ask her,really, who do you think you are kidding? from one bitch to another.... give it up.

my WV is braden.

Blank Field said...

Spidey, you want her to give up being a politician? Other bastards and bitches get to play for pay but she doesn't?

Spidey said...

she is a farce. just my opinion.
would i like her to give up being a politician? hasn't she done that already? isn't she the one that gave up her position before her term was up? exactly what is she now?

UrbanStarGazer said...

Everytime I read her name I hear a cuckoo clock in my head.

Blank Field said...

Spidey, I can't support Palin. But she's got a following, and they spin the negatives away. What I don't know is if she is benefiting more from a growing anti-Obama sentiment, or if people genuinely see her as someone they can trust. That's just so unintelligent when it comes to politicians. Many of the hope & change voters of 2008 have lost hope and want change... Naturally it's all George Bush's faulty, but Obama won't be running against Bush in 2012. By then the Obama legacy will be in the cross-hairs, not Georgie's.

As an old fart, I don't like to see us going from one extreme to the other so quickly.

Hopefully Nag will weigh in and straighten me out.