Sunday, November 15

and it begins!

the holiday season is upon us! christmas carols are playing on the radio station.
don't fight it! embrace it! let the spirit move you!

i am going to start my christmas cards today. i am going to start making my list for who has been naughty and nice and forwarding it to santa. i am going to stay on top of my christmas game and start my shopping soon.

but no... i am not baking cookies.


emma said...

Girl, You're more industrious and merry than I am. I never got into the holiday spirit last year and I don't see it coming this year either.

Spidey said...

let it in emma! let it in!!!!!

my WV is SANTA!

Jenny Robin said...

I wonder if the WV generator is taking key words from your post and creating the WV from that.

dog dog dog dog pug pug boxer poodle

Let's see what happens

Jenny Robin said...

wait, no WV on leaving a comment?

Jilly said...

i hear you spidey, i have three more christmas presents to buy and then i am done.


Mrs. Tree said...

Spidey, I need to enjoy Thanksgiving before I move on to Christmas. I'm hosting a lot this year (Thanksgiving for my grandparents/mom/kids/uncle) and an early Christmas party for the inlaws, all 25 or so of them. I will never want to eat turkey again!

UrbanStarGazer said...

I decided last week to give the early Xmas spirit a try and tried listening to Xmas carols in my car. Didn't feel right.

However, I have begun my list and have been thinking about my outdoor decorations.

Spidey said...

i love carols. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. when bigjoe had his hip replacment 3 years ago and i would be driving home alone at night after spending the day with him, the carols would be playing in the lonely car and i wouldn't feel so bad.