Thursday, November 26

Nothing like that cold crunch to give the turkey a zing

I have two best friends. BF1 and BF2. BF2 is the nicest person you'll ever meet, but she doesn'talways think. BF1 and BF2 decided that since I'm sick again, they're going to cook the dinner at my house using all the stuff I bought. It was a sweet gesture and reminded me why they're my best friends. The hitch? BF2 (who doesn't always think) decided to cook the turkey the Alton Brown way, but only followed half his directions. Moreover, she didn't keep in mind that we're eating at 3. It's 2 and the turkey is a nice shade of char brown and she says the turkey will be just fine. Moreover, BF1 and BF2 decided to make all of the side dishes at 1. All of the food is ready and it's 2. People won't be here until 3ish and then don't expect toeat until 3:30-4. It looks like we're having a cold and crunchy day. But I am thankful that I didn't have to cook it and that they love me enough to make and serve cold-crunchy food.

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