Saturday, November 7


i am happy for people without health insurance but sad for women in general. i want my daughter to live in a world where people leave her uterus and possible occupants of said uterus up to her. i still have some hope for my daughter but realistically have aimed my hope at my possible granddaughters.

one step forward and two back?


Mrs. Tree said...

I feel the same way, Jilly. All the more reason for easy access to the morning after pill and lots of donations to Planned Parenthood.

vq said...

I don't think the American people will ultimately stand for the loss of this most basic right-- to control one's own internal organs.

Jilly said...

i'm afraid no one will care about this and few will probably hear about it after the good news spreads. people are so willing to ignore the bad as long as they got a little bit of good.


Jilly said...

i just got home from the grocery store (mandolin is sick, so the best time to go was in the middle of the night). on the way home i heard an infomercial for a penis pump and the old man practically bragged the medicare paid for his pump so he could have sex for up to 30 minutes at a time. i was sad that tax money can be spent so old dudes can get off in 30 minutes intervals but women (who may have sex with said old dude) can't get abortions and in many places, get the pill. we're a very sexist and messed up nation.