Sunday, December 27


Now that Christmas is behind us, we all have 2010 ahead of us.
Of course you already know that. :)

So, what are your plans for New Years Eve?

Me.... Bigjoe and I stay in. We buy a steak and lobster tail. Maybe some shrimp and prepare the feast. A bottle of wine and a movie. Nice and safe.


vq said...

Dave and I will go to a party at our friends' house. It's close by, so not much risk on the driving.

Catz said...

we talked about staying in with some wine and dinner. I'm still fighting a sinus fection, the lovely parting gift of a bug I got before we broke for christmas break from school.

I have little ones again so no telling what I'll get.

Happy holidays

UrbanStarGazer said...

We usually do dinner at our fave restaurant and then back to our house for games but this year I had thought about going out of town and didn't so, no plans.

Jenny Robin said...

I'll be going to the home of one of my drum corps buddies. I adore both he and his wife, and I had great fun at the Christmas party they hosted a couple of weeks ago.

Jilly said...

i am currently taking care of three puking children, my guy, his brother and my friend who are all also puking every 30 minutes. by new years they will all be better an i'll be puking and completely worn out.