Thursday, December 24

angels from heaven

this morning after getting my food prepped for this afternoon, i had to go outside. the shoveling was not an option. lots of snow in the driveway and lots piled up at the end. there would be no getting out. so bigjoe and i grabbed the little snow blower(the big one broke a belt) and the shovels and headed to the end of the driveway to dig our way out. a few shovels later i looked up and coming down the street was a snowplow. behind the wheel a smiling face. the man drove up and said, do you want me to clean that out for you? wow, i said.. that would be great! so we stepped back and he took a few swipes, clean as can be! bigjoe said.. thanks! what do I owe you? he smiled and said... nothing, just take a business card and call me if you need some work done. he was a carpenter! (jesus was a carpenter!)
bigjoe said.... nope, you just saved us lots of work. have a tip!

and so i say... angels appear in all different forms. especially at christmas!

Merry Christmas friends!


Catz said...

that was so nice of him. merry christmas spidey family.

emma said...

Spidey was touched by an angel!

UrbanStarGazer said...

That brought a tear to my eye!

Merry Christmas, Spidey-family.

Jilly said...

i noticed that everyone was very nice today, even if the grocery store looked like a bomb went off and every line went to the back of the store. i'm glad someone was nice to you too today.