Tuesday, December 22

New Marketing Slogan?

Why is it that I can have area rugs all over my house but if I put one in the bathroom, Jack will poop on it? I can have a rug somewhere in the house forever and nothing . . . move it to the bathroom and within a day, poop.

The interesting thing is, the only rug he hasn't yet pooped on is one that I bought from Orbie. I had it in there alone for a month, no poop. Thinking (stupidly since he's been doing this for the 8 years I've had him) that maybe he had stopped, I put another rug in there with the Orbie rug, poop. But not on the Orbie rug. I took the other rug out and threw it away and the Orbie rug has been in there alone for about a month and, no poop.

It's nice to know that Jack has good taste and the decency not to foul the lovely Orbie rug but, it's curious.

So, I don't know that you'd want to use it as a slogan but a couple of phrases come to mind:

"So nice that a cat won't poop on it"
"It's cat poop proof!"

Or something . . .


Catz said...
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Catz said...

that's funny. probably frustrating for you though. it is interesting concept of why

Jenny Robin said...

i wonder if the other rugs have some chemical in them that makes them poop-attractive, while Orbie's rugs don't have that aroma.

Jilly said...

orb has cats, maybe they like the other cat smell of her rugs?