Sunday, December 13

Guilty Pleasure

I don't watch a lot of TV it's mostly background noise to me, and usually set to something like Sesame Street. However, there is one show I love to watch if it's on when I'm the one flipping the channels. I love Shatner's Raw Nerve on Bio. Today I saw some of his interview with Rush Linbaugh. Shatner asked that man several questions I've been wanting to ask him for years. For example, at one point Shanter said "Well, how do you know you're right?" Then later, he put Rush on the spot and asked him why he had to yell, curse and threaten people. Shatner asked Rush why he couldn't just be academic and intelligent and calmly present an argument without being a snake-oil salesman. It was fantastic. After a bit I just couldn't take Rush anymore, so I had to turn the TV off, but if you get the chance, watch this episode, it's a good one.


emma said...

what were Limbaugh's answers?

Jilly said...

Emma, as piss poor as they usually are. "Because I do know." Yeah right.

I didn't stick around long enough to see if Shatner asked him about pill popping, but I'm sure he did. In past episodes, Shatner didn't skimp on the scandals.