Saturday, December 19

Name Calling . . .but not to her face. . . In search of a Christmas Post

"Granted I know that calling the Two Faced Backstabbing Cunt Bitch isn’t very Christlike, but I don’t call her that to her face. I try to act civilized when I’m around her because she is having a hard time being civil toward me and I am a better person than she is."

I checked out the other site for the first time in awhile and this made me laugh.
I don't see how being "civilized" to someone's face while calling her a Two Faced Backstabbing Cunt Bitch behind her back is being very Christlike (if being Christlike is the aim here.) Someone please explain the logic.


Jilly said...

emma, i'm still perplexed over sairi telling the world four's financial business, four letting it go, and then sairi making a nasty comment about how four's idea of poverty doesn't count. man what a bunch of bitches, and i don't say that lightly either. i'm of the opinion that if someone's a bitch, call them a bitch. they might not know of their bitchiness. that way, you don't have to bother with them anymore.

emma said...

That saria is something else

Spidey said...

rag has a foul mouth.

she would rather have 4 of sarai than one of emma.

that explains so much.

she's just jealous cause emma doesn't call her ragapuddin.

emma said...

snort, Spidey

Spidey said...

correction.. 4 of four. my error.

emma said...

Evidentally I touched a nerve with Rag. I guess I'm permitted to comment on anything else on the entire world wide web except the Old Site.
Instead of acting out on everyone she interacts with, perhaps in 2010she would do better and be more Christ-like to work on her own angst.

Spidey said...

i agree. perhaps she should take some of that angst to her meeting and see if she can become enlightened.

and perhaps someone should tell her that you can look at any website you wish and make a comment if you wish any old damn time you wish.