Wednesday, December 2

Listen up, Tiger:

A few notes to married celebrities who screw around on their wives:
1. The news is going to get out--next month or next year--but it will get out.
2. The mistress/girlfriend is going to save your voice mails and texts and sell her story to a tabloid or gossip magazine or tabloid tv.
3. They will not erase said voice mails or texts just because you ask them to do you a favor.
4. If the actual mistress doesn't squeal, she'll have told her mother or sister or or brother or girlfriend and they sell the story--those stories pay more than most people earn in a year.
5. They owe you no loyality, after all you show no loyality to your wife and family, why should any be shown to you?


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Spidey said...

6. think with your brain, not your dick.
7. if you want to continue to fuck around, don't marry someone and tell them you will be true only to them.
8. if your dad was still alive, he would be kicking your ass.
9. your wife should have shoved big bertha up your butt instead of breaking your car window.