Saturday, December 12

Sanity Check

I think it's safe to assume you should doubt your sanity when you find yourself singing to food. As y'all know, I'm diabetic and, as you may not know, there are certain foods that I can't trust myself around. They are: orange juice, blood orange soda, and sparkling apple cider. So, if I buy them to take to a function, I have to keep them locked in the car or I will drink myself into a coma.

I currently have a four pack of sparkling apple cider in the car and when I was getting out of the car just now, and getting groceries out of the back, I spied the four pack sitting there on the floor and a Beatle song popped into my head . . .

I want you.
I want you so baaaad.
I want yooooooou.
I want you so bad it's driving me mad.
It's driving me mad.

So I was, in essence, singing to food.

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Catz said...

I can relate to the craving and singing to forbidden food Urbie.I've been on a diet for Gallbladder disease for 20 years. My situation is fixed now but 20 years to want but not have.

I wish there was something that could be done for you others like. I have friends and family in your situation.