Monday, December 7

Santa: Terrorizing kids

since 1881


vq said...

That is hilarious. You know, in a heartbreaking way...

Jilly said...

Verb, you're right. Poor kid, she's going to see this when I'm old and put me in a crappy home because of it.

This is the thrid year in a row she's cried at Santa. He's a scary dude, if the other kids in the line were a good basis.

It's a shame I didn't take video. She's saying a mixture of "let go!" and "i like that pony." "Let go" is obvious, but the pony thing was what she wants for christmas.

Her way of asking for something is to either say say "i like that (name item)" or "(name item) pankyoo-welcome-pankoo-please" in a rapid fire speech pattern.

I'm sure Santa, being a pro, could tell what she was talking about.

We almost didn't take the picture because the woman running the event saw Mandolin and I (the only white people there) and insisted that we'd be offended at black Santa and made a to-do at getting a white Santa. I told her that i didn't care what color Santa is, just to take the picture, but she didn't believe me.

The sad thing is I'm sure someone somewhere gave her slack about white vs black Santa and that's why she assumed I'd care. If I disliked black people, I wouldn't have moved to Baltimore, but instead moved to Indiana when I had the chance.

UrbanStarGazer said...

That's a great Santa. I think everyone has a picture like this. I have one of each of my nieces and nephews and my brothers and sisters.