Thursday, December 31

HAPPY 2010!!!!

new year's eve has arrived!

welcome 2010... goodbye 2009.

may the new year for all of us be bright and happy!


Mrs. Tree said...

Happy new year to you too, Spidey. We're boring and staying home tonight. But I'm making clam chowder. And taking all the decorations off the tree. And drinking some wine.

vq said...

I'm ready for a new year. 2009 was a difficult one, and I'mot sorry to see it go. Bring on 2010!

Ded said...

Last night, at the house of good friends, Mrs. Ded and I had paella and much pinot noir. We got drunk, caroused a bit, and later, I was shown the back door.

Happy New Years, kids.

vq said...

He's BACK!!!