Wednesday, December 9

There's Always an Exception

I don't like long hair on men. In fact, I have a thing for balding men but . . . there's always an exception. This guy is: a) beautiful; and b) the only man who should be allowed to have long hair.


Jilly said...

i like short hair on men too, or actually balding is better for me. i've never met another woman who prefered balding men. i'm glad to know there are more out there. although, this is a nice looking man. my problem with long hair is it's too closely related to the mullett (shudder).


emma said...

My husband wears his hair long. It's his hair, and I don't care one way or another.
He might not like fat asses, but there you go. Karma.

Spidey said...

i think jesus looked good with long hair.

Lori said...

I rather prefer the long hair... just an old hippie girl in more ways than I'd care to admit these days